Frequently Asked Questions

The bins are made of aluminum panels, recycled bamboo facing/siding and stainless steel hardware.

The bin can be mounted/fastened to any solid surface such as concrete, wood or pavement. The bins can be placed on ground or gravel without fasteners.

No, All Components were chosen for their weather resistance and longevity. The bins only require standard cleaning with soap and water

We sell a bluetooth capable lock made by igloohome. This lock can be set with several access codes for different delivery personnel.

To ensure a successful package delivery into your parcel lockers, we recommend that you create accounts with the three most popular carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx). This will ensure that they have the information needed to safely deliver your packages into your PARCELBIN. Once your account is created, make sure you edit your account preferences to include a specific delivery location and access code.



As a final step, please make sure you display the “Carrier & Delivery” signs that come with your PARCELBIN in a visible area for your carriers (next to your doorbell or next to your front door, for example).

Yes. All bin kits are designed to be easy to assemble, a-la-IKEA. All you need is the instruction manual, allen key, Phillips screwdriver, and a helper. A video tutorial is on the website

We sure can, however, installation services are limited to a 100 km radius from Guelph, Ontario at this time. More areas will be added as we grow. Please just add installation to your shopping cart.

5 years. The SECURBINZ warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. The term of the warranty is 5 years from date of purchase against defects in material, parts and workmanship under normal use within the specified limitation and capacity. The warranty does not cover theft and shall not apply to defects caused by vandalism, negligence, accident, tampering, improper use, modification or any causes unrelated to defective material and workmanship.
While CitiBin can and has been successfully used as a barrier to rodents, we do not guarantee that it will eradicate an existing rodent problem. Rodent infestations tend to be caused by poor trash hygiene, such as not closing bags and not securing lids, which the bin does not solve. We reserve the right to assess the nature of any reported defects within the warranty period and determine the best course of action to remedy the defects. This warranty excludes surface scratches caused by normal wear and tear and slight color fading due to exposure to the elements.

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