XL Trash Enclosure

Keep rodents and foragers out, while adding curb appeal.

It’s difficult to keep trash, recycling, and composting tidy. And there aren’t a lot of durable, attractive solutions available. Most enclosures on the market are no better looking than the trash cans they contain.

The CITIBIN™ XL TRASH ENCLOSURE is the modern, attractive alternative to plastic, iron, and wooden enclosures that degrade quickly outside. Made of powder-coated aluminum, recycled bamboo, and stainless steel hardware, CITIBIN™ enclosures are built to last and come with a 5-year warranty.

They are modular, lockable, and available in 3 neutral, modern colors. The STANDARD size is for 32-44 gallon trash and recycling cans. The XL size is for 65-96 gallon cans.


Garbage Can Enclosures, Package Lock Boxes & More

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Garbage Can Enclosures, Package Lock Boxes & More


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